Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring 2014 30x30 week 1

Hey guys!!

30x30 Reveal day!! I love reveal day because i'm always dying to see everyone else's outfits!! Like i said in a previous post, i started without planning so day 1 and day 2 were picked off my closet and incorporated into my 30 pieces....they were also re-created for pictures.

Just in case you missed my previous post, you can click here to refresh your memory ;)

Day 1:
as I dressed for the day that morning, i thought about that day's weather (cold for CA) and the rest of my month and picked something that would suit my work wear need and something easily mixed and matched.
shirt: Express black polka dot button up
pants: Gap trouser
shoes: Steve Madden chunky heels
I still didn't pre-plan for today and it was a rainy CA day. I thought about leggings, but it's hard for me to consider them as pants, so i went with the 2nd best thing....my JCrew Minnie pants!! They look like riding pants/ leggings...a great compromise i think.
shirt: ON dark denim tunic
sweater: ON white polka dot
pants: JCrew Minnie pants
shoes: Steve Madden boots
I wrote in the previous reveal post i did not choose my black denim jeans to get out of my comfort zone...instead i'm using my grey denim jeans in place of black...i loved how my white button up made it business-dressy-casual.
jacket: H&M black blazer
shirt: JCrew white button up
pants: JCrew grey denim
shoes: Steve Madden leopard ballet flats
Wedding (guest) day!! I stayed in pajamas all day until it was time to get ready and go....this is my "interchangeable" dress #1....it's fancy dress #1 of the month as well :)
dress: (local Brea, CA) Suo boutique
shoes: Steve Madden snakeskin heels
About 2-3 hours into the reception it got COLD!! like C-O-L-D!!!! i had to change up my outfit with some uggs (don't judge!! those shoes were a big hit with the other ladies at the reception and kept me dancing til we left)
dress: Suo boutique
shoes: Uggs
scarf: ON
It was warmer and i wanted some color as we ran errands. 
sweater: purple JCrew v-neck
pants: Hollister camo crop pants
shoes: Rainbow flip flops

And then it was time for prom!! I didn't have a super fancy dress but it's not like it's my prom
**disclaimer: for purposes of clothing challenge i cropped my friend out
dress: Forever 21 black "grecian" dress
shoes: Steve Madden snakeskin heels
And just like that it hit 80 degrees and out came the shorts. So unpredictable the weather is this month.
sunnies: Kate Spade
shirt: JCrew striped shirt
shorts: JCrew boyfriend shorts
shoes: Rainbow flip flops
wow i wear a lot of JCrew (which we already knew) and a lot of Steve Madden shoes LOL!! I guess it's safe to say i stick to brands i like and know :)

Any favorite looks? I'm trying out a tripod in my classroom...

Smallest tripod ever!! LOL!! but it does the job...just have to find the right placing and distance :)
Check out the other ladies in the challenge!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Fancy Pants Weekend

Hey guys!!

What a weekend!! Linking up with Leean and Kimberlee for Monday Morning Gossip.

I can't even describe my whole weekend in one post....it's been a whirlwind of friends, fancy dresses, open houses and food!!

I think I go into detail later, but to briefly sum up my weekend:

I attended my friend Lelah's wedding. I've known Lelah for about 12 years...we worked together for about 5-6 years and in the process became great friends.
at sunset enjoying the view

GAP forever!!

Matt and I ran our usual weekend errands and some house hunting. Then I met up with my work friend Rachael to chaperone prom!!

miss this lady so much!! I used to spend my conference period chatting in her office

my date, Rachael, and me

it was nicely decorated 

Woke up and cleaned and then continued house hunting.

I am pretty tired from this weekend....i had so much fun dancing and catching up with friends...and wearing my fancy dresses....not too often a gal gets to get all dolled up 2 nights in a row. How was your weekend?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring 2014 30x30 reveal

Hey people!!

So I am finally posting my spring 30x30!! so excited because it's such a challenge and it takes my mind off shopping....as most of the other ladies in the challenge would agree, the biggest problem is the picture documentation of the challenge.... of course matt will help me out and i have one of my yearbook kids, "L", to help me out as well...but i found a mini tripod in my classroom and will be testing that out.

If you don't know what a 30x30 is, head over to Kelly at Modern Camelot to read up. Or you can view my past challenge attempts for last spring in May and for the fall in Novemeber. So the whole point of this challenge is to pick 30 pieces of clothing (I personally do all clothing because i feel it's more practical for me but some other bloggers take it a level up and do shoes as well) and mix and match those 30 for 30 days. I do not include shoes or jewelry...and this time i didn't include jackets. It's crazy weather here in So Cal....just this week alone it went from 70 sunny to 60 and raining and expected 80 on Sat and Sun...so to be practical for all types of weather-crazy I just did clothing.

I'm also "cheating"....I have a wedding, a prom, a sorority formal and a bachelorette all this month. I am not including my fancy dresses for my 30 pieces because i'm only wearing them 4 times and I don't feel like wearing the same one to all events so i included a dress and it will be interchangeable with my other events....just like my Friday school spirit shirts (I wear one of my school spirit shirts on Fridays to support my students...and i have so many that wearing the same one is weird) so those shirts are interchangeable as well. Is this cheating? oh well!!

So since I was late to post I was also late to pick my 30....I had to start the first 2 days without having previously planned and just included those in my 30.

Enough talk...here are my pieces:

I branched out and did not include my trusty black jeans!! ahh!! I choose more versatile pants for all weather and events. I also jumped on the camo bandwagon...but in my defense I bought my camo pants in 2002 when I worked a brief 3 months at Abercrombie&Fitch/ Hollister....so really I'm ahead of my time :) and a little happy dance for the fact that they still fit!!!

Top L-R: navy JCrew trousers/ black Gap trousers/ "black" JCrew "Minnie" pants
Bottom L-R" grey JCrew jeans/ camo Hollister crop pants/ JCrew denim jeans
I decided with predicted weather of 80 (90 possible next week) I'll include shorts...if only for weekends.
coral JCrew boyfriend shorts 
Dress (interchangeable):
so again with 4 "fancy" events and just 30 items I am declaring this dress interchangeable for those 4 events. This dress is pretty nice and i wear it to work and out, but not wedding/prom/formal/party appropriate :)
black/ printed Target hi-low 

I decided to include 3 skirts for both work and play....can we talk about how fabulous my midi skirt is?! Here's a recap of pretty much the day I bought the skirt....it's a favorite and I would live in it all day, everyday if i could. I also included a casual pencil skirt....looks like tweed right? wrong! it's sweater material and so comfy!!
Grey "tweed" Nordstrom Rack pencil skirt

black Express midi skirt

Tie-dyed Nordstrom Rack maxi skirt

I love cardigans because sometimes it's enough of a "jacket" here in So Cal. PLus they are so easy to layer onto an outfit and provide a different look to an outfit. 
Black polka dotted JCrew 

Tan striped Old Navy boyfriend-style

floral coral Nordstrom Rack kimono

Sorry so wrinkly
white Banana Republic "boyfriend-style"

My favorite!!
navy-green- grey color block JCrew

Tops (button ups, sweaters etc):
I choose a lot of variety....and 2 repeats from previous 30x30. For the most part all tops are lightweight enough to wear by them selves or to be layered for extra warmth.

purple JCrew v-neck sweater

white polka dot Old Navy sweater

black flowered Nordstrom  long sleeve

black sleeveless Nordstrom button up

white- mint green color block JCrew sweater

black and tan polka dot Express button up

dark chambray Old Navy tunic

army green JCrew button up

white JCrew button up

I actually picked a lot of t-shirts this time around...again the unpredictable weather and the fact that i got 3 new JCrew shirts with a rewards card and a gift certificate credit card!! I am loving the whole French on t-shirts....anything French i love!!

Top: (both from JCrew) "C'est La Vie" shirt and a striped- white color block with a bird on the pocket
Bottom: JCrew white v-neck, School Spirit Avengers shirt (that's interchangeable) and JCrew French days of the week
So that's my pick for Spring 2014 30x30. what do you think?? Be sure to check out the other ladies in the challenge!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Excuses, Excuses...but it's a good one!!

Hey guys!!

How's this for a fail...didn't get my 30x30 post up yesterday :( 

At least I'm trying to post today...granted it's on my much disliked school computer but whatevs I'm doing it!!

Anywhoooo.... it's been a crazy 2 weeks....good news thou Matt and I are trying to buy a house....well condo/town home.... we applied over our Spring Break and our bank said no but then sent us over to an FHA company and they pre-approved a loan!! YAY!! so our family friends are realtors and we got to house-shopping....there were 2 condos, one  I have been drooling over and the other Matt has been drooling over,  and they are available!! so we are jumping on the timing and put an offer in....fingers crossed!! But that's why I'm behind on my 30x30.

I'll talk more details later but it's been a crazy few days :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Unintended Breaks to Stop

Hey gals!!

After a couple of months off I am trying to return...I have been very busy and always something to do around these parts... one thing that can always pull me back into blogging is the fabulous 30x30 challenge with my fabulous group of 30x30'ers. 

I do miss the interactions with other bloggers and being able to journal my life...funny story I had a game night with friends a few weeks back and one of my friends sent me the pictures with a reminder to blog about it :) it's so funny how these thoughts of mine are being read by strangers, blog-made friend and real life friends.

I will try my hardest to not fall out of touch again....for so long ;)

Tomorrow I will post up my 30x30 items and give you all a recap on life lately :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Wine Thursdays...wine tasting at BevMo! Riverside

Hey guys!

I'm going to make "Wine Thursdays" happen!! OK fine Wine Everyday is more of my thing ;) I am so excited to share with you a fabulous event i was so fortunate to be a part of. Thanks to Leeann of Join the Gossip for traveling out of town so I could take her spot ;) and Meg of Henning Love for also informing me of said event.

Brief background, Leeann texted me asking me to go to a wine tasting event...i said yes!! (right before Matt's school's basketball team won their last game and made CIF) She had to go out of town for her incredible Austin/Dallas trip, so i got to fill in for her. I joined Meg and her husband for a fun evening of wine tasting at BevMo Riverside for the grand opening of the new store.

BevMo Riverside is the 151st store in the CA, AZ and WA region, supplying wine, spirits and beer along with any other accessories you can possibly need. I personally love the 5 cent Wine Sale, with over 200 bottles to choose from you can buy one bottle and get the second bottle for 5 cents!! It's definitely a great deal and i usually stock up on my favorite wines with this sale!!

The event itself was so fun!! I stayed late after work with a parent meeting and grading a test, but it wasn't too bad knowing I was going wine tasting. I got to BevMo Riverside and met up with Meg. We browsed the store chatting about how amazing she looks after having her son, different wines we like, the set up of the store and general catching up. The store was a little smaller than my local BevMo, but same set up. I love that the store is set up with clear labels so you can find things so easily.
The set up for our wine tasting

me and meg in the aisle of the red wines

The wine tasting "room" at BevMo Riverside...it's really pretty and feels like you're at someone's house
After a few minutes we sat down and the wine tasting began. BevMo's Cellar Master, Wilfred Wong, who is actually the one who is responsible for the wine rating system for BevMo and definitely a very, very, very, very knowledgeable person for wine!! He guided us through the tastings of 6 wines...3 of which were YUMMY!! 2 were okay and 1 i did not like...until i ate the popcorn paired with it hahahha!! I actually bought 2 of the wines I tasted...you know it's a good wine tasting when you buy a bottle!!
The wines and the food pairings

Wilfred Wong's rating system...never noticed it before

All the food...soo good and the cheese...oh that cheese was YUMMY!!!!

Wilfred Wong as he sets up the wine tasting

being creative...photographically ;)

Wilfred Wong and me after the tasting...pretty cool to meet someone with such a vast knowledge of my favorite drink!!

Thanks to Moana and to #BevoMoRiverside for the event!! Go check out a wine tasting at your local BevMo! Fridays 4-7 pm and Saturdays 2-5 pm!! You won't be disappointed!!

Disclaimer: I received incentives and free products for attending the event but all opinions are my own.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's and other stories weekend

Hey guys!!

Yay for having Monday off!! My apologies for those who don't.

Linking up with Leeann and Kimberlee for some Monday Morning Gossip.

I'm going to start with Thursday...because it's my blog and i want to ;)

I had a major doctor apportionment for my possible implant surgery...more details on that later. After a long consult appointment I made it home in time to head over to Matt's school for the last basketball game which was so crazy!! The boys on the team are so very talented and i have honestly loved watching them play. They won the game and made CIF!! It's so exciting to see your students (well Matt's students) do well and experience the joys of hard work with them.

I honestly do not like Valentine's Day. Never have... Matt LOVES it...so his appreciation for it has rubbed off on me a little bit. So this Valentine's I told Matt I didn't want anything...all i wanted was for him to make me a card...he said ok and after a few seconds i said...YOU make me a card and NOT your t.a's (teacher aides) he laughed and said that's what i was gonna do!! Anyways I also made him a card...granted my craft skills are equivalent to that of a 1st grader and am not posting said cards on here. 
Anyways after work...side story: one of the PE teachers started a lunchtime dodge-ball tournament...and the teachers formed a team...so i played dodge-ball during lunch which was fun!! anyways after work I came home and matt had a lovely card he made, along with some flowers the floral/ horticulture class at his school were making and selling and some macaroons from my favorite bakery. Matt has been sick these past few weeks so when he came home and said let's go to to dinner it was a lovely surprise. 
We managed to find a local restaurant with an opening for dinner. I didn't take any pictures because i know matt likes for me to put away the social media every once in a while. It was yummy and a nice quiet evening.

During the day we ran some errands and did some grocery shopping. At night I had a date with my friend Chris B to go country line dancing....we try to make it a once a month date. Out of all our friends, B and I are the only ones who enjoy country dancing...we don't care it we look like dancing fools trying to learn the steps on the dance floor. That night we ran into 3 other sorority sisters we haven't seen in AGES!! it was sooo nice to reunite with some of the women who made my early years as a Delta Zeta so fun and memorable. Again no pictures because we were having too much fun catching up.

Sunday and Monday
I'm grouping these two days together because they were the same...a whole lot of nothing!! Just napping, chores and watching the olympics...i didn't leave the house on Sunday and today (Monday) i'm suppose to go to the mall with my sister. 

Hope you had a great weekend!!