Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Pregnancy Tale

I honestly have no clue what to write about...or rather where to start. The past year was pretty much filled with the wonders of pregnancy. I guess I'll start there and be warned it might be TMI...

Getting pregnant was actually HARD!! after YEARS of trying NOT to get preggo, I decided I was "grown up" enough to handle it. My body, on the other hand, was still "nope, let's not do that". I have no clue if it was being on birth control for so long or i was timing my ovulation wrong, but something was off and it took 9 months... we started "trying" June 2014...the whole "if it happens, it happens" deal, then officially trying with the ovulation pee sticks in Sept of 2014, finally a doctor visit in Dec 2014 in which she basically told me the pee sticks were off for me and I was actually ovulating a week before the pee stick said i was ovulating...that was so disappointing and frustrating!! On top of making sure the husband wasn't feeling "used", now I wasn't ovulating correctly?! I had just missed that month according to my doctor. It can be pretty stressful to want to make a baby, but your body is not working with your mind/heart to make it happen. She recommended not using the pee stick and try TCOYF, Taking Charge of Your Fertility...which is a book/ website about a deeper understanding of our bodies and menstrual cycles. I had so many "ah-ha" moments reading this because OMG it explained a lot about fertility and what happens during that time of the month. 

Right around he time I first found out
I tried this method for 3 months... and it really worked because in April my period tracker app on my phone dinged one Sunday morning "you are 1 day late" and I am pretty regular...like 90% of the time within a day or two of my period coming....so I took a pregnancy test and to my complete and utter shock, surprise and disbelief, it was positive. I texted my friend with "Oh Shit" because oh shit it really did happen!!

I remember thinking i will never show!!

The funny thing is I was scheduled to begin all the fun testing to see wtf was wrong with me and why wasn't i getting preggo in April. I know I am not the worst case scenario story, with IVF or years of trying, but it can still be frustrating and disappointing when you're healthy and "ready". Anyways, that was a happy doctor's appointment because  9 months...well 10 months later because baby boy DID not want to come out and needed to be induced at 41 weeks... i have a cute (currently gassy and fussy) baby boy.

I started back at work around this time, so that was fun... my students and co-workers really got to see the daily progression of the baby

I was amazed at the transformation of the belly!!

This was taken right as we left for the hospital to be induced!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello out there

I have no clue if anyone is going to read this. I logged on and it said my last post was Feb. 23, 2015. Wow...this has been on my mind a whole year, the debate to keep it up or take it down. So much has changed in a year.... For those who don't follow me on Instagram, my life has changed for the better and things are extremely new and different. I'm a mommy now. So weird to say and write that, but I had my son January 6, 2016 and it's been an interesting (almost) 4 weeks. I love being a mommy, but at the same time it is hard and frustrating and challenging....taking care of a little person who can't talk and communicates only through crying is....interesting.  It's crazy how fast I've changed in everything; my priorities, my time, my emotions, my fears...everything!! I'm still debating whether or not to keep this blog, but it might be nice to journal things, right?

Until next time :)

Monday, February 23, 2015


My weekend recap is pretty simple...Friday night went to Matt's school's basketball CIF round 2 game...they won...they're awesome and it's a true privilege to be able to watch them. We invited our friends, Lelah and Derrick to the game so that made it even more exciting to be able to show off Matt's talented students. Saturday and Sunday were a whole lot of nothing.

Because my weekend was pretty boring I'm doing a post i did a year ago that i really liked...it's a brief "Currently" explanation of my day.


Eating: nothing....i'm actually hungry for a snack

Working On: grading another test, this post and planning for the rest of the week...i have truly developed some multitasking skills

Reading: John Grisham's Gray Mountain

Looking: at an empty computer lab with students finishing their tests for today

Wasting: not really wasting anything really...at least not today

Wishing: not sure...things are going pretty well...maybe wishing for more time with teaching before state testing

Enjoying: everything...it's a rare good Monday

Liking: my lunch!! twice baked potato from Sprouts!!

Wondering: how i'm going to get thru this week...we just had two 3-day weekends back to back.

Loving: my sisters, parents, Matt and my in-laws, the fatty kitties, my big sis and her little girl and my DZ co-advisors!!

Needing:money for the Vegas this weekend!! probably need a dress as well

Smelling: my tea....it's white cucumber from Lily Chai Tea in Irvine

Hoping: to getr some Pure Barre classes in my schedule this week and to be able to watch the next CIF rounds

Wearing: JCrew purple cardigan, JCrew striped button up, black trousers, Steve Madden snakeskin flats

Noticing: how fast this day is going for me...YAY!!!

Knowing: I have a long night ahead of me at the Delta Zeta active meeting...hopefully its not too long

Thinking: i'll probably need a cup of coffee before meeting tonight

Feeling: like this week should be over already and yet time in my class should slow down so i can teach what i need to!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Everyone's Entitled to Opinions...But Do I NEED to See/Read it on Facebook?

Hello all!!

Wonder if anyone still reads/ checks my blog.....anywho....i've debated shutting the page down or not. It's in the back of my mind to blog ever so often but i just haven't made the real effort. 

I've had many good and bad things happen over the year. I'm loving my new house and being a homeowner, my Cochlear implant surgery has been a god-send....I enjoy work again and it's been a better year; i've had many great adventures with friends and family and even co-workers. On the bad side some loss of friendships, as good as work is it's still frustrating and have bad days that outweigh many good days and little things.

The point of this particular post is because i can't fit it (my thoughts/ opinions/ feelings) all on my social media... which brings me to a thought...do we have to share everything on social media? Do we have to voice our opinions at all times because we can?

If you've read this blog you would know i am a big reader and an English major (please excuse my lack of capitals..it's my blog and i'll be lazy if i want to!!) and true to form i LOVE to read anything really...check out my Good reads...usually I read thru things pretty quickly except for that one book that literally took years....my mom said read this book, One Hundred Years of Solitude, when i graduated from high school and 10 years later I finally finished it when my grad school teacher assigned it to read; that being said i love easy reads...things i can read in a day (Dirty Rush) or my FAVORITE author Sandra Brown or even books things like 50 Shades of Grey.

I was very intrigued with 50 Shades....i have always read romances and have read a porn short story...and 50 Shade was that middle ground...holy cow...i was one of those women who were aroused by the book. Is it something I am into? NO! just the power of reading to experience something thru my imagination... i liked the story...the passion of the characters....the development of their love and yes the sex scenes described were hot. I liked it all...did i notice the bad writing at first, no because it was "an easy read" for me....a book that i didn't have to think about and was enjoying for the sex story. after someone pointed out the recurring "inner goddess" was when i noticed that it was not going to win the Pulitzer anytime soon. But again it was a "guilty" pleasure type of book.

So now that the movie has come out, my Facebook was filled with rants about "abuse", BDSM and "what it really is", the religious aspect/ repercussions of the story, the horrible writing, "DO NOT SEE/SUPPORT THE MOVIE" blah blah blah.

So really why do i care? why spend my time writing about this? just ignore right? I did ignore and scroll on...i did but when i saw about 4 posts with the "i haven't read the book or seen the movie, but" opinions and 3 more posts that supported another blogger's "Letter to my kids about 50 shades"...all of which was so obvious they DIDN'T read the book but had biased opinions based on what they thought i couldn't hold it in and ranted a short rant on Facebook.

It's a fictional book that is a fantasized version of what the author may think BDSM is...it's a story of powerful passion with lots of sex. It's not abuse because Anastasia Steele consents, is curious, admits she likes it in her thoughts IN THE BOOK!! While I liked the movie, it failed to provide some necessary background or thoughts or behavior that was needed for the characters to fully come to life ** in my opinion.

Anyways what bugged me enough to comment on the topic wasn't a love for the book, but more of an annoyance that people were posting about something they did not read.... to see mis information being read about what happens in the story because of what someone thinks bothered me. everyone is entitled to his/ her own opinion....but back it up with actual facts.
I'm teaching argumentative writing and debate in my class right now and we discussed this

I told my students you need to be able to back up your claims and statements with evidence and facts otherwise your just running your mouth...which is what i feel many people did. if a person can sit and pick out specific scenes from the book (not the movie) and calmly, rationally discuss why it's "abusive, horrible writing, blah blah blah" then your opinion is "moo".

Just my two cents on the story.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

House Hunting Tall Tales Vol. 1


So for the past 3 months Matt and I have been house hunting. Oh...My....Gah!!! 

This has been the most extremely frustrating experience so far in our married life....the wedding was a piece of cake thanks to my fabulous (money-well spent) wedding planner, grad school was stressful but manageable...house hunting topped it all!!

For the past year Matt put us on a super strict saving budget....very little shopping for me and i mean fun shopping like a shirt here or a dress there. Matt is a numbers guy and really the rock to our savings...i would not have the will power by myself and yet it did lead to some disagreements in which he realized i can only ignore my shopping addiction for so long and i realized if i want to move out of my apartment i needed to change my thinking. So we saved and saved and finally in March we had a good nest for us to begin the official process of looking with a realtor. 

I made a mistake of putting some things on credit and not paying it off immediately during Oct/ Nov and that hurt us from getting a loan thru our bank. I was devastated and thought because of my shopping i had ruined our plans. Our bank is awesome and found us a wonderful lender company, American Financial Network. Everyone we worked with have been so awesome and i can't thank them enough!!

We also lucked out with amazing brokers, our family friends, Ken and Ashley. Ashley is Matt's 2nd wife's best friend's wife's twin sister and Ken is her husband (we went to their wedding last year). Ken's business style is on par with matt's business sense and they have struck up a bro-mance which helped with this process because they were able to remain positive and guide us thru walk thru's of house and give professional opinions on what could be renovated.

So lets talk top 3 house hunting pet- peeves:

1- Pictures are not worth a thousand words in this case!! Pictures are very misleading!! For the most part I "fell in love" with some houses based on the pictures, but when we actually went to see the house it was all sorts of wrong. The layouts made no sense, there was actually A TON of renovation required, I didn't notice the square footage and the places were tiny, there was an oil drill tower-thingy next door...so many things not included in the pictures. 
The picture looked great and I wanted this house...except in person it was TINY!!!
Again much smaller than the picture makes it look like and a bad layout in general...the wall would need to be knocked down to open up the space in a better way
Same house as above but the picture made me think the washer dryer was somewhat hidden, nope! smack center of the hallway
2-Let's talk prices...oh  my lord!! Some houses are NOT worth the listing price. I get so mad when i see a house that has not been touched since the late 70;s/ early 80's asking for 500-700, 000. Seriously no, just no people. I don't care if it's a nice school district, that should not be the sole reason for the price being jacked up....because if you think about it lets say the house is listed for 525, 000 and needs like 100,000 dollars of work...it's a ton of money when you could buy something brand new for the same amount....plus the fact that when you renovate older homes there is ALWAYS something wrong with them (Property Brothers and Love it or List it marathons make me happy... in fact HGTV makes me happy). This one house we looked at was priced at 225,000 for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath but needed at least 80,000 worth of reno. we just didn't like it for us and the next day it was re-listed for 345,000!! Um NO!!

house mentioned above...it's under how so no reno on the front/ curb appeal
it would have been a big expense to redo these stairs...so unsafe for a future family
3-Lastly the dreaded other buyers. Just once i wanted to hear you are the only offer/ buyer for this house. Nope here in So Cal the housing market is on a rise, especially in my price range of 325-350,000. I know there is a small housing boom throughout the country but man cash offers are killing us!! Other offers above asking price were killing us!! where are people getting the money to do cash offers?! my "dream" house, which was literally like 100 feet away from my current apartment, was listed for 325,000 then 8 other offers came in and the seller re-listed for 345,000 and lost the "bidding war". It sucks....we went to "war 3 times" and all 3 times were not picked.

BUT..... but on our 4th try, we found our new home!! We move this week. so if this is my last post for this week you know why :)
love seeing the sold sign in the top corner on redfin

the living room...we bought the blue/grey couch and the coffee table off the owners

yay fireplace!!! and shutters!!

we bought the table and chairs from the owners as well and I happens o have that exact same Paris picture

big kitchen with so mach space and storage...so excited!!
wrap around porch again so excited!!

It's been a crazy ride...the actual process is a whole 'nother story for another post. Not looking forward to decorating because i get rather overwhelmed and indecisive....tips for convincing matt to let me hire a decorator?? anyone want to do it for me??

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Where Did the Weekend Go??

Hey guys!!!

This weekend went by super fast and I hate that!! It's already the end of June which means one more month of vacay :(

Linking up with Leeann and Kimberlee for Monday Morning Gossip.

Friday was my last day teaching summer school. Long story short I volunteered to teach a 2 week summer school program; however because of my surgery I couldn't teach the first week but luckily I was able to teach the 2nd week. If summer school was only 2 weeks I would volunteer every year!!
Afterwards....it was a crazy day of running errands...it's actually a long story so I'll spend tomorrow explaining :)
Matt and I were so tired that night we grabbed some delicious dinner from Sprouts ( which is like a Trader Joe's, but cheaper) my sister, Stephi, came over for a bit and after she left Matt and I finished watching Dexter. Oh Dexter... That show brings so many emotions out. I loved the series as a whole but that last episode...really the last 20 minutes of the show were..just emotional!!

I woke up super early which sucked and spent the rest of the day watching movies on Netflix...I watch The Baby-Sitter's Club with Matt lol!! Since i didn't sleep well I took a long nap during the day and got up in time to get ready for a sister-date night with Stephi. I'm not going into too much detail but Stephi needed her big sister because of general life-drama and we both have been so busy that it's hard for us to have dinner and catch up with each other. It was really nice to sit and chat and give her sisterly advice/ a shoulder to cry on. On another note, Stephi is going to be a bit busier because she is going to med school!! so very proud of her and she has worked her butt off and will continue to do so in med school :)
sister date drinks
Sunday went by super fast!! I basically watched a few movies and bam! it's 7pm and dinner time...i can't remember the last time a day went by so fast. I have to admit it's really nice to just do nothing because during the school year it's go-go-go.
On a happy note...I truly love the relationships i have made thru blogging. The lovely Chris, formerly of Chubette Tales blog, sent me a get-well care package....my mailman messed up delivering it so when Chris texted asking if i got it, i was so disappointed that i hadn't even thou the online tracking said it was delivered. we both freaked out!! i checked my apartment management office to see if maybe they had it, nope. i stalked the mailman to see if he still had it, nope. we both did the online claim and called customer service...nothing. it was really frustrating and i felt bad. This past friday in between my errands i stopped by the post office just to see if maybe they had it there, nope. But today, one of my neighbors knocked and said he had something for me. It turns out he had been on vacation and just got back today and checked his mail...the mailman had delivered to the wrong apartment number...353 instead of 323!! I was so happy!!
get well goodies
Hopefully the rest of summer slows down...how was your weekend?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Trend Spin: Florals


It's been a while since i did some fashion on this little blog. 

I'm linking up with Trend Spin from Walking in Memphis and The Fashion Canvas with guest host Try it on Me.

The trend is florals and i love it!! Florals are so fun and versatile. I went out for my lil sis' birthday and wore one of my "winter skirts". I don't mean for it to be a winter skirt but for some reason i tend to wear this particular skirt with tights and boots....but for the night i made it a summer skirt. 

I love the floral abstract with all the different colors. It's so easy to match it to any top...although i have yet to try pattern/ print mixing with the skirt. I do wish i could remember to add in jewelry and it it a fuller outfit...honestly i'm more about the shoes :)

JCrew tank/ Forever 21 under tank/ JCrew skirt/ Steve Madden sandals

Any thoughts on this trend? Something you would wear?