Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kitty Tales #1: Kors


I am going to be the crazy cat lady and talk about my first baby today!! sorry this might be a little long...
Meet my spoiled baby Kors

I have a weird pet history. I had a cat when I moved from El Salvador to California, but my dad didn't like her so he gave her away. Then growing up I developed allergies around cats and dogs, so my parents never got me any pets. When ever I would go to friends' houses with dogs ad cats I would start wheezing and break out in rashes. I finally convinced my parents that it was just allergies and that I deserved a cat. I rescued a calico, but there was something off about her. My parents took her to the vet and the vet called to tell us she had cancer and would not survive. I cried :(

When I moved out of my first apartment  in Chino  5 minutes away from my parent's to where I live now in Fullerton, I had the HARDEST time with the transition. So in effort to make me feel better about the move, The Husband said I could get a cat....actually he said I could get 2 cats...That made me feel better but we were going to be traveling a lot and I didn't want to get a cat before then.

After all our traveling was done, I went on a mission to get a cat. We went to 2 different animal shelters on a rainy Dec. day looking ( we drove from one shelter in Orange to another shelter 20 miles away in Pomona in the pouring rain). Kors was in Pomona and I am so glad I forced Matt to drive the 20 miles that day. Kors was so sweet and loving from the moment I laid eyes on him.  As we filled out paperwork, another girl came in and said she wanted him too. Of course I was already in the process of filling out the paper work so he was MINE!!! 
Matt asked what I wanted to name him. His family had a tradition of naming their pets after alcoholic drinks...they had cats named Kahula, Bud, and Miller; and dogs named Brandy, MaiTai, Cosmo. We decided we wanted to start a different series and of course I picked fashion designers :) I love Michael Kors (and since Matt watches Project Runway with me, he knows who that is!!) So that was how we named and got Kors!!

The day we brought him home :)

He was soo small!!

He got really sick and his nose was all scuffed up

Felling better
He is so cute all curled up!!
Curled up right near he food

My poor baby was so sick, I was freaking out...but even sick, he loved playing with the husband's shoes

Contortionist kitty!!

Spider cat!!

We call him Little Lion so he got shaved like a lion

We got him a cat tree and loves to smoosh his body into the top perch

Contortionist kitty is that comfortable?!
Disapproval kitty looking down

Hope you enjoyed meeting Kors :) You can also read about Kor's sister, Spade, here.


Kate said...

Was he climbing a screen door?!

Love the sleepy cat face :)

Christina said...

He's so cute! I love that you cut his hair! I also love that your husband is on board with fashion names. Good guy!