Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kitty Tales #2: Spade


Last time I talked about my baby Kors (you can read his story here), today I'm going to talk about Spade, my little weirdo!! 
The day we brought her home

Spade was another rescue cat. About a year ago (almost to the month) I was at work one day at work, my friend sent a mass email with a picture of these kittens who were about to go to the pound because they were stray and the foster mom couldn't keep them all. My friend is a pure bleeding heart for animals, as I am, and I emailed her back for information. Once she told me they were probably going to the pound, I told her I would call her after talking with Matt. 

When I got home from work, I put on my best sad puppy dog and told Matt the story about these port little kitties who might go to the shelter. He gave me a look and said maybe. For the rest of the evening I kept bringing the conversation back to the kittens, finally he said we could go look. I took that as a "Yes, we can get the kitten". I called my friend and had her forward me the contact for the foster mom. The next morning, we met the foster mom and got Spade. She was black and white and for some reason she felt like a Kate Spade. 

Spade was/is VERY skittish. She is very independent and gets scared easily. That being said she kneads me al the time (kneading is cats flexing their claws) which is suppose to be cat signals that they love you. She also acts like a dog by playing fetch, begging for food (she is a scavenger from her brief life as a stray), drinking water like there is no tomorrow. She is pure entertainment to watch!! While Kors Loves to be picked up and held, Spade can only tolerate it for a bit. And she meows!! Boy does she meow!! Loud little girl!!

She was so tiny!!

Kors, the best big brother, protecting her

She always found a way to curl up next to Kors

She looks so sweet!!

I used to find surprises from Spade in my purse :)

After her bath

She hates cameras and me taking her picture!!

As she got bigger, she still climbed all over her big brother

At the vets being a scaredy cat

The pink bowl by her legs is her bowl and she will constantly walk over to Kors and nudge him out of his bowl
I know we should separate the two bowls, and we have but these cats are stubborn!!

Eating her fruit

She loves fruit; I can't eat an apple in peace!!

Meer-Cat Spade

Playing with the cat tree
This is a video of Spade "fetching". Anytime I try to record her she stops!! Little Brat!! She hates the camera...but it's pretty cute :)


Spade annoys us...and Kors...and she's such a weirdo, but we love her!!


Niken said...

my cousin will definitely fall in love with her!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

She is so cute :) I love the weirdos!

Christina said...

I love her! I had a pretty weird cat too. He was a lot like her with fetch and being held and all that. I love the photos of them cuddling together. Cute!