Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan #7


Ok so I am caught up with my weekly meal plans!! Yay!! This is what I wore/ will wear this week. It's a pretty easy work week for me. Students have district testing and then a mid-week student-free/ staff development day.

Normally on testing days, I wear flats all week as to not distract my students, buuuuttt my first period are some tough kids and may need my "clacking" heels as a reminder to be quiet during testing. I am seriously debating wearing heels that first day, but might feel nice Monday morning and wear the flats...thoughts?

Like I said Testing Day 1...heels...yes or no?
My mom surprised me with this outfit last semester...she has awesome taste :)
Cardigan: Banana Republic, Skirt:Banana
Shoes:Kenneth Cole Reaction

Or flats?

Shoes: Steve Madden...the rhinestones are only on the top half of the shoes

Shirt: H&M, Pants: JCrew skimmer trousers
Shoes: Report

Don't mind the face, the collar has amazing detail of pearls 

I need help!! I bought this first shirt at Nordstrom rack last year. My mom was iffy about it when I bought it, my sisters both hate it....what do you think?
Shirt: Mural, Tank: Gap, Pants: JCrew Cords
Belt: JCrew, Shoes: Steve Madden

Or I have this back up shirt?
Shirt: JCrew, Pants: JCrew Cords
Shoes: Steve Madden

The graphic print has some "real" rhinestones :)

I know I wear too many black bottoms....

I am not including a picture because for Staff development it is jeans and a t-shirt type of day. We are not dressed up because it is a full day of sitting around discussing teaching techniques, testing scores, ways to help our students. As "professional" as we need to be, with all the sitting around we do, most teachers find the need to be as comfortable as jeans and a nice t-shirt it is :)

School Spirit/ Casual Friday.The husband was watching football and i realized I forgot to take a I took it. Not bad for a self- full length-ish photo with a special appearance by Spade :)

Shirt: Renaissance Rally shirt (theme Under the Sea/ "C" ), Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Toms
There all caught up on weekly meal plans for outfits :)


Niken said...

i like your skirt. and i'll go with the flats,

Sarah said...

I really like the Nordy's shirt, especially with the belt! I say flats with the first one!

Stephanie said...

Aw your mom does have good taste! I like those picks, and I say be comfy in the flats.
Totally obsessed with those Steve Maddens!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I don't hate the pink shirt, but I like the other one better :)

Lauren said...

i have that same graphic/rhinestone j.crew shirt that i haven't busted out in I will.