Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan #8


Since moving out of my parents, one of the things I miss most is sharing clothes with my sisters. They have great taste and luckily we can fit into each others clothing...well except my youngest sister since she is tiny, but occasionally one of her shirts will fit me. My spending freeze gives me the great opportunity to go "shopping" in my middle sister, Stephanie's, closet.

In other news, it's "Spirit/ Renaissance" Week at my school. We celebrate those students who have good grades. All week the kids do fun theme days: Monday is crazy hair day, Tuesday is Opposite Day (whatever that means), Wednesday is Twin Day, Thursday is Sports Jersey Day and finally Friday is the Renaissance Rally. I do some of the themes, but not all as the other teachers and I don't really do the Twin-Dress alike thing. The theme for the rally is Wicked!! My favorite musical!! I can't wait to see how they dress up the gym :)

So here's what I planned for this week:

I got this skirt a month ago and haven't found a good day to wear it.
Shirt: soprano (Nordstrom Rack) Skirt: JCrew
Cardigan: JCrew
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

A closer look at the shoes

Since I have no clue what the students mean by Opposite I decided to wear my sister's shirt :)
Shirt: Zara, Tank: Gap
Pants: JCrew
Shoes: Kensie

The shirt is lace/crochet

It's a blue ombre that's hard to see

Again I'm not following the theme, but went "shopping" in my sister's closet and got this. It might be cold and rainy in So Cali, so I will throw a black cardigan on and might change to flats.
Shirt: Love21 Tank: Forever 21
Pants: JCrew
Shoes: Nine West

Today is Jersey Day and I never pass up an opportunity to wear my Ravens Jersey :)
Shirt: Ravens Jersey #74 Oher, Pants: Gap 1969
Shoes: Toms

Today is the Rally and I'll be wearing jeans and running shoes. Since we get a new Renaissance Rally shirt to wear, I'll be wearing that. So no picture today, but I'll share the shirt next week :)

Easy week!!


Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

We better see pics of crazy hair day!

Lauren said...

the BEST part about being home is sharing clothes with my sister! it's twice the wardrobe!!

Christina said...

I used to love spirit week in high school. I never had teachers participate though, so you are awesome! Love the shoes for Monday.