Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekly meal Plan #9


Another week is here and another set of work outfit ideas!!

I am sick of (literally) the weather here in Orange County, CA!! I love my hot weather...but 100+ degrees 2 weeks ago was too much and then 60 degrees and rain last week was too sudden. I am sick with a cold? flu? allergies? I was bad last Thurs, then got better just in time for the weekend. Today during my 3rd period I started sneezing uncontrollably and my runny nose has returned! Maybe I have allergies to work!! Or my students!! Haha!!

Anyways the husband was away for the weekend and so I had to take self portrait shots of my weekly meal plan for outfits...sorry the pictures are not in great quality... but you get the idea :)

I had a good Monday despite my sneezing and runny nose...I think it was my outfit. Little background...my wedding dress was simple and I loved it, but then I saw this belt and it was the perfect addition!! I loved the fact that I could take off the belt and still use it after my wedding!!
Shirt: JCrew, Skirt: JCrew
Belt: wedding dress
Shoes: Vera Wang for Khols

Closer view of the belt

The shirt has small random rhinestones..it's such a great addition to a plain white shirt
Shoes: Vera Wang for Khols
Seriously soo comfy!!

It's suppose to be 90+ degrees so I went with an "Indian summer" type outfit :)
Cardigan: JCrew, Dress: Gap
Shoes: Kenneth Cole

No picture because we have an English department pull-out day. Basically it is a day that the English teachers get to have subs while we pore over testing results from district testing and make up common lesson plans and sometimes catch up on grading...while chit-chatting about random stuff in our lives :) Very casual dress today, probably shorts and a shirt since it is going to be 95-100 degrees.

Back with the kiddos in time for a slightly more casual day. We start reading out first class novel, The Giver today (I hope...at least according to my lesson plans) so excited for that!! I used to teach The Great Gatsby to my 11th graders and on the day we started reading I would wear my Gatsby shirt, so s little sad I don't have a Giver shirt.
Gatsby Shirt from Urban Outfitters 4 years ago...this one is shrinking and need a new one soon :(

oh well...here's some colorblocking for Thurs :)

Cardigan: JCrew, Tank: JCrew
Pants: JCrew Chinos
Shoes: Report

Necklace: JCrew

As promised here are some pics of the school Renaissance shirt I got last Friday for the Rally. The theme was Wicked and today the ASB teacher emailed me and said a local theatre is playing the musical and he is taking some of the ASB kids and asked if I wanted to go....HECK YEAH!!! was my response!!
So cute right?
The front

But this week, I am just going casual with a shirt I got last spring, but keep forgetting about. It's Casual Friday, so :)
Shirt: Gap, Jeans: JCrew
Shoes: Puma

It's a color block shirt!! Plain white in the front, gray block in the back!!

I hate socks!! But I wear ankle socks with my Pumas :)


smk053078 said...

No way...a wedding belt??? I love it! You can def use this for so many outfits!! Absolutely love! And another fave...mixing up the brown and black. Way to go!!

Married...with a Pup said...

Such great outfits!! I can't believe that belt from your wedding dress...amazing! I love that you have found other outfits to wear it with!

Married...with a Pup said...

Such great outfits!! I can't believe that belt from your wedding dress...amazing! I love that you have found other outfits to wear it with!

Christina said...

Wearing your wedding belt is an awesome idea. It looks great! I like your Gap dress a lot too!

Sarah said...

Oh my, that belt from your wedding dress! So beautiful and what a fun accessories to be able to continue to wear!

Love the chain necklace from J.Crew too!

Jill said...

The wedding belt is super cool! Love the Kenneth Cole shoes too. I think I'll be hopping on zappos later ;)